What is thermal imaging?

Early detection is crucial in preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases. 

Thermal Imaging is the process of converting the thermal energy, or heat, into visible light or images. Thermal imaging cameras have been designed in a way to screen and filter out individuals with an elevated body temperature that does not pertain to the normal range.

We have conducted extensive tests and assessments to find the best thermal imaging products available in the market that can help make temperature screening easier and more efficient. Our advanced cameras can capture and display live body temperatures in real-time making the preliminary screening process as seamless as possible. 

We aim to revolutionize the current ways of measuring temperatures and hope to deliver a message of reliability, change,and comfort to the people around the world who have grown weary of the new arrangements of interacting and moving around.

No contact, 1 second scans, and face mask detection! A versatile imaging tablet perfect for busy settings and convenience.

Thermal Scanning Kiosk with AI

Handheld thermal screening device with 16Gb SD memory, 6 hour battery life, and USB connection for live screenings and capture. Use it for preliminary body temperature screenings in facilities and high traffic buildings!

Portable Thermal Camera

Easy to mount temperature camera with a built-in AI algorithm making it possible for multi-person body or fever temperature measurements up to 10 feet away. Optional black body camera to improve performance!

Thermal Camera

Bi-spectrum network camera integrated with real-time temperature measurements with a response time of 30 milliseconds. Up to 30 people can be measured simultaneously! 

PNDA Thermal Camera

About ThermalScan

We at Thermal Scan, an esteemed IT Management Corporation brand, are introducing new, simple, and convenient no-contact temperature scanning devices to make your life easier through these troubling times. With our qualified and skilled workforce, we bring you innovative and efficient technology powered by AI, utilizing the best quality thermal imaging products.

Operating as a division of IT Management Corporation, our portfolio consists of various applications that are currently being utilized by government, educational and commercial institutions.

We exist to make preliminary screening accessible to everyone and to promote a protected, safer environment. 

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